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Mens Genital Care

mens genital care

Mens genital care Use mild soap
Standing under the shower and hoping the stream of water running from your shower is enough to do the trick is wishful thinking. You’ve got to really get in there and wash that sucker!

But what’s the best soap to use?

Well, it’s probably ok to lather up with something mild, provided it doesn’t contain strong chemicals or drying agents.

I checked with my dermatologist and he suggested that unscented, moisturizing cleansers work best. An effective, inexpensive one is Dove’s Body Wash (check Amazon for pricing).

A couple of other points here:

Never use hand soaps because they generally are harsh.  Mens genital care Mens genital care Mens genital care
If you really want to use something with a scent because you prefer that “clean smell”, the folks at Mancave make a very good cedarwood product that’s not overpowering.
Take a shower (Not a bath!)
The most effective way to clean your penis is a warm shower. I’ll speak about this more in a bit but let me say now that taking a bath is a bad idea!

Here is why.

When you take a bath, all you are doing is pushing around dirty water onto your skin. The minute your bum rests on the basin of your tub, the water surrounding you becomes contaminated.

Plus, you’re just kegging on soapy residue onto your skin. And some of that reside contains fecal matter because – you guessed it – the bath water extracts microscopic poop.  Instead, opt for a shower. Here are some tips:

Run the water warm. If it’s too hot, it could burn your peen.
Grab your mild and get ready for the next step.  Mens genital care Mens genital care
Mens genital care
Mens genital care
Mens genital care

Photo Title Price Buy
GUYSOME Men's Intimate...image GUYSOME Men's Intimate Wash for Daily Hygiene, Balls Wash for Men Genital Area Care, pH Balance for Sensitive Skin with Vitamin E & Sea Buckthorn 3.38 FL Oz 100ML (Strawberry) $11.90 ($3.52 / Fl Oz)
GUYSOME Intimate Wash...image GUYSOME Intimate Wash for Men, Daily Hygiene Wash for Male Genital Area Care, pH Balance for Sensitive Skin with Vitamin E & Sea Buckthorn 3.38 FL Oz 100ML (Apple) $11.90 ($3.52 / Fl Oz)
GUYSOME Intimate Wash...image GUYSOME Intimate Wash for Men, Daily Hygiene Wash for Male Genital Area Care, pH Balance for Sensitive Skin with Vitamin E & Sea Buckthorn 3.38 FL Oz 100ML (Chocolate) $11.90 ($3.52 / Fl Oz)
YUENA CARE 170...image YUENA CARE 170 Hiding Gaff Genital Panties Crossdresser Camel Toe Panty Skin M
GUYSOME Intimate Wash...image GUYSOME Intimate Wash for Men, Daily Hygiene Wash for Male Genital Area Care, pH Balance for Sensitive Skin with Vitamin E & Sea Buckthorn 3.38 FL Oz 100ML (Orange) $11.90 ($3.52 / Fl Oz)
Aidance Terrasil® Balanitis...image Aidance Terrasil® Balanitis Relief - Patented All-Natural, Gentle, Soothing Skin Relief Ointment for Relief from Irritation, Itch, Redness and Inflammation, Balanitis Symptoms - 14g $24.00 ($48.98 / Ounce)
Skin Elements Intimate...image Skin Elements Intimate Wash for Men with Tea Tree Oil | pH Balanced Foaming Hygiene Wash | Prevents Itching, Irritation & Bad Odor | 4.05 fl. oz. $14.99 ($3.70 / Fl Oz)
Chassis Ice Max...image Chassis Ice Max Premium Body Powder for Men, Natural Deodorant with 10x The Cooling Sensation, Free of Talcum Powder, Parabens, and Menthol $24.95 ($5.67 / Ounce)
Men's Intimate Area...image Men's Intimate Area Cleaner - MdoC Pride Care & Wash 100ml $19.90 ($5.89 / Fl Oz)
Outrageous Acts and...image Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions $11.99
Super Ball Wash...image Super Ball Wash for Men, Korean Mens Body Wash, Men’s Ball Deodorant Genital Armpit Wash for Moisture Absorption, Male Odor Protection with Cooling Menthol $12.49 ($1.85 / Fl Oz)
FemiClear for Genital...image FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms, Multi-Symptom - Effective Intimate Relief - Formulated with All-Natural and Organic Ingredients - 0.5 Ounce Tube $26.70 ($53.40 / Ounce)
The Ultimate Guide...image The Ultimate Guide to Aldara(imiquimod)
Ballsy Ballwash Charcoal...image Ballsy Ballwash Charcoal Body Wash for Men - Moisturizing Men’s Bodywash with Coconut Oil – Natural Soap for Men & Great for a Manly Care Package, 16 Oz with Pump $18.99 ($1.19 / Fl Oz)
Fresh Body FB...image Fresh Body FB - Fresh Balls Lotion, 3.4 fl oz (2 Pack) | Anti-Chafing Men's Soothing Cream to Powder Balls Deodorant and Hygiene for Groin Area $19.99 ($2.94 / Fl Oz)
Amaranth GENT Foaming...image Amaranth GENT Foaming Ball Wash for Men, Mens Genital Wash for Sensitive Skin, Moisturizing for Daily Use, Hygiene Product Helps Prevent Dryness, Odor, Itching (200ml / 6.8 fl oz) $22.90 ($3.37 / Fl Oz)
Foreskin cleanser -...image Foreskin cleanser - Intimate and Foreskin Wash Gel - 30gm. Foreskin wash for uncircumcised genital. Intimate wash gel for smegma removal. Soap for balls and mens genitals - clean without drying. $11.95 ($11.83 / Fl Oz)
No Hair Crew...image No Hair Crew Intimate/Private At Home Hair Removal Cream for Men - Painless, Flawless, Soothing Depilatory for Unwanted Coarse Male Body Hair, 100ml $16.99 ($5.03 / Fl Oz)
Calvin Klein Men's...image Calvin Klein Men's Cotton Stretch 5-Pack Boxer Brief, 5 Black, L
Press Here! Sensual...image Press Here! Sensual Massage for Beginners: Your Guide to Pleasure and Intimacy $9.99
Happy Nuts Comfort...image Happy Nuts Comfort Powder - Anti-Chafing, Sweat Defense & Odor Control for the Groin, Feet, and Body - Body Powder for Men (Original, 6 oz) $15.00 ($2.50 / Ounce)
SOMXL, Genital Wart...image SOMXL, Genital Wart and HPV Removal Treatment, 0.5 oz $34.95 ($66.57 / Ounce)
Warticide Fast-Acting Wart...image Warticide Fast-Acting Wart Remover - Plantar and Genital Wart Treatment, Attacks Warts On Contact, Easy Application (1 Fluid Ounce) $23.96
Wart Relief –...image Wart Relief – Safe for Sensitive Skin with Natural Ingredients by Terrasil (14 gm Tube) $14.95 ($30.51 / Ounce)
Intimate/Private Hair Removal...image Intimate/Private Hair Removal Cream For Men, - For Unwanted Male Hair In Intimate/Private Area, Effective & Painless Depilatory Cream, Suitable For All Skin Types $17.99 ($51.01 / Ounce)
Double Desert Shifters...image Double Desert Shifters Complete Series: Paranormal Menage Romance Series Box Set $4.99
A Man's Recovery...image A Man's Recovery from Traumatic Childhood Abuse: The Insiders $36.91
Hanes Men's Boxer...image Hanes Men's Boxer Briefs Pack, Moisture-Wicking Cotton Blend Underwear 3-Pack, Foulsmell-Control Sexy Boxer Briefs, 3-Pack $17.98
Wild Mountain Peptide...image Wild Mountain Peptide Face Serum for Men - Mens Face Care with Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Boosting Amino Acids - Antiaging for Men & Skin Brightening Serum for Men - 1 oz $14.99 ($14.99 / Count)
HAPPY NUTS The...image HAPPY NUTS The Ballber™ Groin Trimmer for Men Waterproof Rechargeable Ball Shaver for Men - No Nicks or Cuts - Electric Hygiene Groomer $49.69 ($49.69 / Count)
Philips Norelco Multigroomer...image Philips Norelco Multigroomer All-in-One Trimmer Series 3000, 13 Piece Mens Grooming Kit, for Beard, Face, Nose, and Ear Hair Trimmer and Hair Clipper, NO Blade Oil Needed, MG3750/60 $19.96
Nad's For Men...image Nad's For Men Intimate Hair Removal Cream For Men - Easy & Painless, Depilatory Cream For Unwanted Male Hair In Intimate/Private Area, Suitable For All Skin Types $8.99
Chassis 5-in-1 Shower...image Chassis 5-in-1 Shower Primer, Men’s Anti-Chafing Gel and Deep-Cleansing Bodywash $24.95 ($2.63 / FL Oz)
The Complete Guide...image The Complete Guide to Using Zovirax $7.39
Hanes Men's Jersey...image Hanes Men's Jersey Boxers 6-Pack, Soft Knit Boxers, Moisture-Wicking Jersey Boxers, 6-Pack (Colors May Vary) $21.98
Ballsy Sack Spray...image Ballsy Sack Spray (2oz) – Natural Deodorant for Men - Ball Spray for Men to Neutralize Odor & Skin Irritation w/ Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Extracts- Cruelty, Sulfate & Paraben-Free Deodorant Spray $15.00 ($7.50 / Ounce)
The Brandsen Body...image The Brandsen Body Hair Trimmer for Men with Extra Ceramic Blade, Ball Trimmer, Electric Below The Belt Shaver, Back Groomer, Genital Shavers, Waterproof Trimmer, Pubic Hair Shaver and Groin Trimmer $29.99 ($29.99 / Count)
Paulas Choice--SKIN PERFECTING...image Paulas Choice--SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA Liquid Salicylic Acid Exfoliant--Facial Exfoliant for Blackheads, Enlarged Pores, Wrinkles & Fine Lines, 4 oz Bottle $34.00 ($8.50 / Fl Oz)
Exploring Medical Anthropology Exploring Medical Anthropology $43.25
New Balance Men's...image New Balance Men's 6" Boxer Brief Fly Front with Pouch, 3-Pack, Black/Steel/Pigment, Large $18.98
Dove Men+Care SportCare...image Dove Men+Care SportCare Body Wash and Face Wash For Energized, Clean Skin Endurance + Comfort Cleanser That Effectively Washes Away Bacteria While Nourishing Your Skin, 18 FL Oz (Pack of 4)
Intimate/Private Hair Removal...image Intimate/Private Hair Removal Cream, Hair Remover For Men, Fast & Effective Hair Remover for Men's Underarm, Chest, Back, Legs, and Arms, 4.2 fl oz $17.99 ($4.28 / Fl Oz)
Wart Relief MAX...image Wart Relief MAX - Safe for Sensitive Skin by Terrasil (14 gm Tube) $19.95 ($40.71 / Ounce)
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